Company check-up: Make sure you know your future suppliers well

What is company check-up?

This service is to verify the legitimacy of the company you have identified, you will receive a report on the administrative health, legal verification, history and activity of the company.

When to choose company check-up?

A company check-up is ideally conducted during the first phases of sourcing, that’s when your decision making process is in need of more input to strengthen your strategic choices. Risk assessment and management is better implemented early on.

The process


Supplier identification

Collecting your target supplier available information.


Legal verification

Company registrations and certifications


In-depth research

We diligently dig and authenticate supplier related information



We build a comprehensive company verification report

Why Inspaction?

20 years of combined sourcing experience

We work with the leading QC experts in China

Wholistic knowledge of the Chinese business and legal ecosystems

Sharp industry based expertise

Continuous improvement

Receive a Report Sample

For a preview of the value we can add to your procurement journey, you can now receive samples of our reports in your email address.

Inspaction Sourcing & Procurement is your go-to platform to streamline your CHINA imports, we work with verified suppliers only, certified QC inspectors and top-notch law firms to make sure your operations are build on robust grounds.

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