During production inspection: Maintaining quality standards throughout manufacturing

What is during production inspection?

During Production Inspection (DPI), also referred to as In-Process Inspection, takes place once at least 10% of an order is manufactured. This proactive step enables the detection of issues during earlier stages of production, providing enough time for necessary adjustments and improvements. Additionally, it facilitates monitoring the production timeline to ensure it stays on track. Samples for inspection are chosen randomly, following established international (AQL) standards and procedures.

When to conduct a during production inspection?

A During Production Inspection is ideally performed when the production is 10%-80% finished, to be able to prevent production defects and deviations.

The process


Pre-inspection planning

Collecting your product/project related requirements.



We cast a wide net so that you never miss a sourcing opportunity.


On-site inspection

Our inspectors attend the factory to conduct the inspection 


Defect identification

Identifying inconsistencies or deviations from specifications.


Corrective action recommendations

Providing insights to rectify identified issues.



Delivering a detailed report with findings, photographs, and recommendations.

Why Conduct During Production Inspection?

Strategic prevention

Detect problems while they are young.

Avoid disputes

Minimize the risk of end of production costly disputes.

Quality monitoring

Track and follow-up the respect of your project requirements.

Why Inspaction?

20 years of combined sourcing experience

We work with the leading QC experts in China

Wholistic knowledge of the Chinese business and legal ecosystems

Sharp industry based expertise

Continuous improvement

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