Order management: Have us manage and oversee your purchasing from start to finish

What is order management?

Our whole ecosystem becomes yours

From idea to delivery, get full assistance throughout your procurement and purchasing journeys in China. Access production and design experts, certified QC practitioners, top-notch lawyers, and global shipping companies.

Classical method

Limited sourcing pools and strategies

Weak risk assessment capabilities

Communication barriers and misunderstandings

Limited control over lead time respect

Limited production monitoring

Inspaction method

Advanced strategic sourcing methods

Expert local communications

Complete diagnosis and reporting of the suppliers

On-site production monitoring and reporting

Legally binding protective contracts

Why Inspaction?

20 years of combined sourcing experience

We work with the leading QC experts in China

Wholistic knowledge of the Chinese business and legal ecosystems

Sharp industry based expertise

Continuous improvement

Receive a Report Sample

For a preview of the value we can add to your procurement journey, you can now receive samples of our reports in your email address.

Inspaction Sourcing & Procurement is your go-to platform to streamline your CHINA imports, we work with verified suppliers only, certified QC inspectors and top-notch law firms to make sure your operations are build on robust grounds.

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