Supplier Sourcing: Find the supplier perfectly matching your requirements

What is sourcing study?

Value starts with sourcing

In the vast and complex world of suppliers and products, finding the right match is both an art and a science. Our Sourcing Study service, backed by 20 years of combined sourcing experience, is designed to provide international importers with a structured, thorough approach to finding and vetting the best suited suppliers in China.

The process


Requirement gathering

We analyze your needs to create a clear sourcing strategy.


Supplier screening & verification

We cast a wide net so that you never miss a sourcing opportunity.


Supplier qualification

We create a supplier shortlist based on the requirements/proposals analysis.


Price Negotiation

We assist in negotiating the best price and terms.


Risk evaluation

We assess the supplier’s ability to deliver based on their legal and financial records.

Why choose sourcing study?


Save time and effort with our expertise in finding the right suppliers.


We narrow down the sourcing pool for better and accurate results.

Quality assurance

Ensuring suppliers meet the right certification and quality standards.

What you get?

Full-fledged report

Price quotations, supplier details, company profiles.

Direct supplier contacts

Easily connect with the right suppliers.

Tailored sourcing results

We guarantee the best suited suppliers to your project.

Why Inspaction?

20 years of combined sourcing experience

We work with the leading QC experts in China

Wholistic knowledge of the Chinese business and legal ecosystems

Sharp industry based expertise

Continuous improvement

Receive a Report Sample

For a preview of the value we can add to your procurement journey, you can now receive samples of our reports in your email address.

Inspaction Sourcing & Procurement is your go-to platform to streamline your CHINA imports, we work with verified suppliers only, certified QC inspectors and top-notch law firms to make sure your operations are build on robust grounds.

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